DriBarz FAQs

Will DriBarz™ fit my bike?

Most likely, yes! The DriBarz™ one-size flexible design is compatible with bar widths 38 to 44cm and Shimano, SRAM, even Campagnolo groupos later than 1999. At this time shifters with externally routed cables such as Shimano 9spd are not compatible with currently shipped units. We are developing that compatibility and will announce it here when we're complete.

Will DriBarz fit straight handlebars?

DriBarz are designed exclusively for drop styled road bike handlebars. They will not correctly mount to straight, mtb type handlebars.

What about fitting to multiple bikes I own?

Similar to bike fenders, DriBarz™ has an initial setup process that configures to your bar width, shifter type and orientation. If the bar widths between your bikes are the same, most likely they will fit without additional adjustments. Otherwise some adjustment is required using a standard 3mm allen wrench and will normally require 3-5 minutes to change.

In rain, doesn't water just run down my arms and onto my hands?

Not enough to matter. The wind from riding drives most rain water from your arms so it tends not to accumulate enough to stream down your arms. A sweat band worn on your wrists absorbs any residual water or sweat headed to your gloves.

How do I install DriBarz™?

You can download an instruction guide here.

Are DriBarz™ safe to use?

The DriBarz™ design leaves 100% of the handle bar accessible and does not inhibit access to brake and shifter controls or their operation. Even when climbing out of the saddle you hardly know they are there.

How do I get mine?

DriBarz are available now on our site store!